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Led collimator

Secondary optical parts and collimators for high power leds

Gaggione creates and designs secondary optics, tertiary optics, standard and custom collimators for high power leds.

Our experience in this field enables us to offer high quality products. Our know-how based on injection moulding of plastics has been internationally recognized for over 60 years.

LednLight standard collimators
Lednlight standard collimators
Quality. Delivery times. Cost savings. Our standard collimator range is an attractive alternative. It is compatible with the main high power led sources (from 1W). Thanks to an exclusive process, you can compose your own combination: click here to test.

Specific / custom collimators
The development of applications using leds brings new technical challenges. We have the ambition and the resources to handle them. We have the backing of our experience and our recognised success. Gaggione is a major player in the development of specific optical components, dedicated to applications using high power leds.