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Road sign collimators

  • Lighting for traffic lights

cluster 56 leds

Narrow total angle, phantom effect approval class 5.


This cluster of 56 leds is injection moulded in very thick (12 mm) optical quality PMMA attached to a thinner plate (3 mm).

Concurrent assembly by heading of an ABS mask to eliminate the phantom effect.


Quality level: ≤ 20 µm form faults for the central collimators and roughness ≤ 50 ηm for the outside collimators. Roughness ≤ 20 ηm.


  • New generation revolving light

cluster 16 leds

Intensity distribution on 360° longitude and 16° latitude.

Cluster of 16 collimators and associated mirrors injection moulded in very thick PC (section 24 x 20 mm).

Development of specific colouring agents (blue and yellow) for different activity fields.

Quality level: 10 µm form faults and roughness ≤ 10 ηm.