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Light guides for backlighting

  • New generation TGV seat marker


light guide

Embedded seat marker backlighting on a new generation TGV. Significant contrast between on/off state. Integrates into a restrictive mechanical environment.


Gaggione produced the optical and mechanical design of the solution, recommended and integrated a holographic diffuser (diffusion angle 60°). We supply a complete function.


Uniformity (Emin: Emax): 50%. We designed and built a two-cavity tool (right and left).


  • Backlit remote control


light guide

LCD screen backlighting. Our optical engineers produced the optical design and submitted a machined prototype.


After validation of the final result, our mechanical workshop produced an optical structure composed of micro prisms of varying heights (120 to 500 µm).
Uniformity (Emin: Emax): 85%. No visible hot spot.


This part is injection moulded in optical quality PMMA using a 4-cavity mould.


Micro prism roughness is 20 ηm.