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LEDnLIGHT standard optics


Our range of Lednlight standard collimators is the fruit of long experience in the custom optical components market. It has developed naturally in the face of constantly changing market demands: the search for the best possible compromise between quality, reliability and cost savings.


Our collimators, from 16mm diameter up to 67mm, adapt to different areas of application such as architectural and stage lighting, indoor, outdoor lighting and medical lighting. Thanks to a very extensive product range, we can meet most technical specifications.


The Zoomable 45mm with its window
LEDnLIGHT 16mm diameter


Ø 16 mm: Whatever your application may be, you will find a selection of quality, suitable optics from a large portfolio. With beam distribution starting at 8° FWHM beam and up to 60° FWHM, our 16mm diameter by 8mm height collimators can offer several light distribution within the same form factor.


Ø 32 mm and Ø 35 mm: With a height of16mm, the 32mm diameter series is the shortest solution to provide a narrow beam angle as low as 5° FWHM. Thanks to its complex design, the on-axis efficiency can achieve up to 105cd/lm. For these reasons, the 32mm is very appreciated in markets which are looking for a very intensive light distribution. This optics is the right solution for very powerful lighting fixtures (surgical, railway, aircraft, architectural). 


Ø 45 mm: A very special solution available on the market, GAGGIONE released the 45mm in 2010 with an extremely narrow beam collimator providing excellent color mixing properties to address stage lighting, entertainment lighting and architectural lighting applications.

To adapt to your lighting desires and requirements, the family is available with narrow, medium, wide and elliptical light distributions. At the request of the stage lighting industry, GAGGIONE designed a ZOOMABLE version to play with beam angle from narrow up to wide while guaranteeing a high-quality color mixing and a light output ratio of 80%. For mono-color applications using single chip LED, the tightest achievable beam is 3° FWHM with more than 130 cd/lm output.

Holders adapted to each led, deliverable on adhesive, tri- or quadri-led products in Ø 50 format, the Lednlight range combines modularity and performance.


LEDnLIGHT Hybrid-Reflector with its 3 windows

Our Hybrid Reflectors are created from its optical design and based on the integrated relationship of transmittance surfaces and reflective surfaces in the process of directing light. The concept results from close collaboration between optical, plastics, and coating engineers and experts all focused on the same goal: beaming in the most uniform light while keeping a very compact form factor, especially for large format LED light sources and chips. To ensure the best achievable performances, the Hybrid Reflectors is the result of using LUMENCOAT ® Technology developed by our Switzerland based sister company SURCOTEC.