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COP and COC Cyclo Olefin

These are highly transparent, non polar thermoplastics, transformable via many production processes.


The main properties of these resins are their low density, low water absorption, mechanical rigidity, high transparency and low birefringence, and their non polar, hydrophobic and non reactive service.


They also have good chemical resistance to acids and bases.


These are completely amorphous and highly transparent thermoplastic resins.


For optical mirror application, Cyclo Olefin Polymers (COP) can easily be metallised - without any special pre-treatment - by a vacuum deposition metallisation process.


The standard method for processing optical parts is injection moulding. Cyclo Olefin Polymers (COP) have very good mould transcription properties.


COP and COC polymers are particularly well suited to optical applications such as collimators for computer vision.


COP and COC Cyclo Olefin